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Protein Powder

Sometimes food just isn't enough. Protein powder is often needed to ensure you are feeding your muscles enough to ensure muscle growth.

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gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle

Top 10 Most Popular Gym Supplements

Once you're in the bodybuilding game, it's quite hard to go back. You might be okay-ish with what you have, but at the back of your head, you still crave extra gains. So you hit the gym more, lift heavier weights, etc. Looking better and staying fit becomes an obsession. What's more, you want it as soon as possible.

Gain Muscle

Once additional calories and different proteins fail you, it's time you try out your last painless resort - supplements. It's an effective way to get an amazing transformation and gain faster and easier.

gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle
gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle

Where Gym Supplements Began

Irvin Johnson first came up with protein products. It contained milk and egg protein - which he found to be the finest protein source for growth. Johnson's formula proved very effective, and he kept improving it. Although the first supplements were more of crude proteins, they were famous among the workout addicts.

Eventually, he improved the formula and took a new identity -Rheo Blair. In the '60s, he shook the bodybuilding and movie industry with his milk and egg protein supplement. Since then, the market has been flooded with countless supplements.

However, I must point out, supplements are only as good as the personal training you combine with them.

However, keeping all the sides in mind, we've shortlisted the top 10 for you. So without further ado, let's dive into the list:


Bodybuilding, increasing muscle mass, and high-intensitywork-outs welcome creatine more than anything. It could be your best pair forgaining muscles. However, if you're more into aerobics and improving yourworking ability, creatine might not give you the best results.

Creatine has a very sturdy and uncommon scientific foundation.It shows effectiveness in almost 80% of the people using it. Meat is a naturalcreatine source. So, if you're taking enough meat, you'll need a lessercreatine supplement.

But what about the vegetarians? Well, you can always rely on creatine supplements to get the result you dream of.

ATP is the source of our muscular energy. Creatine helps as a substituted phosphate donor for ATP renewal. It also works as a buffer -neutralizing the acidity that's responsible for weakening the trained muscle's strength production.

This supplement is also called "ergogenic" - meaning -it's proven effective in improving sporting activity. If you take about 3000mgcreatine regularly, you'll notice your:

●     Muscle strength increasing

●     Muscle speed increasing

●     Lean muscle mass increasing

Creatine tends to find alternative ways to reach your muscles and help them grow. It also helps boost the protein formation to produce muscle fibers. When you take creatine as a work-out routine, the supplement drives more water properties to your muscles, which helps your muscle get bigger.

Blood creatine level means nothing. The amount of creatine supply into the muscle is what matters. This supply is controlled by a creatine transport protein. The sodium-potassium pump mechanism is triggered by insulin, which is later used to activate the creatine transport protein.

You can combine the creatine with fast-acting protein - whey, for example - to get the benefits equivalent of high creatine intake. But the catch is - you don't need to stuff yourself with simple carbs.

There are two main debates about creatine - side effects and best usage form. Some mentioned side effects are: muscle cramps, kidney problems, gastrointestinal troubles, etc. However, no major side effects have been proven scientifically. About the usage form arguments, creatine monohydrate- 99% absorbed is considered the best condition to use it.

gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle


Antioxidants help slow down the free radical damage to cells and biomolecules. Available antioxidants in supplements can keep you safe from cancer and cardiovascular problems besides taking care of your complete health.

Various antioxidants from your diet provide you amazing results. However, the ones that you get from dietary supplements boost your immunity, which enhances your defense mechanism and helps you avoid any possible cellular damage from free radicals.


Free radicals aren't just detrimental to your immune system, but it also targets other physiological functions and harms them. We all know exercising has amazing benefits for our bodies. However, it's also one of the main sponsors of free radicals in our bodies. Thankfully, the same work-out is also producing enzymes to battle with free radicals.

So, while the fitness enthusiasts are sweating good - building the desired body - their body is producing a certain kind of reactive oxygen and free radical in an excessive amount that's both injuring and making them healthy simultaneously. 

It turns out, exercise is the key to both your fitness and damage. The question is - how do you repair the damage?

The answer? Supplements.

Although the bodybuilders have several antioxidant immunities that can protect them from the free radicals and reactive oxygen, their body is in constant need for a significant amount of vitamins and minerals.

Bodybuilders tend to spend a lot of energy during their training sessions, which causes excessive muscle/tissue damage. This is where the supplements step in. Antioxidant supplements help the bodybuilders keep the free radical meter low even with a very heavy gym routine.

Antioxidants are also proven helpful to relieve and reduce work-out stress and can increase work-out recovery. It has a number of ways to boost the recovery of work-out damage. Besides providing you the nice and fine things, it also gives you the benefit of anti-aging. Getting sufficient antioxidants in your diet can slow your aging process.

So overall, antioxidants help you protect your body from free radicals, reduce useless cell damage, keep you safe from injuries, speed up the recovery from work-outs, reduce exhaustion, and allow you to work-out longer and better.

gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle
gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle


Caffeine is one of the ergogenic aids with the most benefits. People usually take them in coffee, with roughly some caffeine in it. More and more people understand how caffeine performs, which increased the usage of caffeine over time.

What's the hype? How does caffeine affect someone's performance?

Caffeine can excite a person's spinal cord and muscle fiber recruitment. It then affects the body's central nervous system. While doing this, there will be less fatigue or pain in the muscles. It can also improve the body's physical performance when engaging in sports and cut down a person's mental fatigue.

Here are 3 good reasons how caffeine can improve your work-out:

#1 Reason: Extra Energy Boost

Caffeine works as a brain stimulant, so when you're becoming more energetic, you're becoming more alert. Caffeine also blocks some of the brain's sensory receptors with large amounts of epinephrine, adrenaline, and dopamine.

Cutting out these receptors will give you a euphoric feeling, especially when you take the caffeine right before working out. This way, taking caffeine supplements might help you in a work-out, whether it's a heavy work-out or just a standard work-out.

#2 Reason: More Strength

There are studies carried out on caffeine. A single dose can make the person's muscle stronger, if the shot is sufficient. If you take 300mgor more caffeine (more or less 3 cups of coffee), it's enough to stimulate the whole body's nervous system.

So, the question remains - how does that make your body healthier?

The nerves that stimulate the muscle fibers, when activated by the caffeine, will strengthen the muscle fibers. More force makes the muscles more robust, which is why drinking coffee before work-out will make you stronger.

With stronger muscle, you'll be able to train and work out harder.

#3 Reason: Develop More Endurance

Caffeine will create more endurance in multiple ways. First, by increasing rapid fat burn throughout a work-out session. When you take caffeine and work out, you melt off more fat. It will then save more muscle glycogen, meaning you have extra energy saved up for work-out later when you require it the most.

According to studies, caffeine increases your overall alertness, improves your mood, sharpens your focus, builds your tolerance for work-out injuries, helps burn fat, and increases your capability to last longer in the gym exceptionally.

As a bodybuilder, you certainly need all of these. Safe to say caffeine is a friend.


ZMA, also known as zinc magnesium aspartate, contains three elements: zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6. This supplement is famous among bodybuilders, athletes, and exercise enthusiasts.

It's crucial to intense trainers like bodybuilders. Since most of them suffer from mineral deficiency. These minerals are essential to keep the hormone levels balanced and for better quality sleep. The ZMA industry further admits that it's helpful to boost muscle growth, stamina, improves trength, and recovery that comes from amazing night sleep.

Heavy trainers sometimes have to settle for the lower levels of T(testosterone) and IGF-1. A study showed that throughout an eight-week training session, bodybuilders taking ZMA had a higher level of testosterone and IGF-1 than those taking a placebo.


Clearly, increasing testosterone and IGF-1 have a great impact on your bodybuilding. ZMA plays a significant part in increasing immunity effectively. There are a lot more benefits to consuming ZMA. Let's take a detailed look at them:

Zinc performs as a strong antioxidant. It helps activate the necessary enzymes that keep your body function properly. These enzymes are essential for several biochemical reactions and also protein synthesis - the molecular mechanism of increased and improved muscle recovery and progress.

Besides taking care of your health, it also improves the post-workout recovery. Zinc helps you both with your daily life chores and gym.

Moving on to magnesium - it's responsible for multiple physical reactions. Magnesium takes care of your cardiovascular system, metabolic rate ,and not to mention bone health.

These two minerals - zinc and magnesium -together can get great results. You'll notice the visible fat loss, increased muscle mass, and enhanced physique and performance advantages upon taking the ZMA.

gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle


Casein is just like milk protein. It's right under the whey category. Casein has a slow digestion rate, making it a great snack before bedtime. It also prevents catabolism when you sleep because it empties slow and steady. Casein makes you less hungry.

Research shows casein gives the best result - compared to whey -when you take it after the work-out. It ensures there's more protein synthesis compared to whey. That's why, taking a casein and whey protein shake after training will grow more muscles compared to a protein shake.

Milk protein has about 80% casein and 20% whey - a great combination for having a healthy nitrogen proportion in bodybuilders. Casein is a rather slow-performing protein that produces amino acids in seven hours, and whey acts fast, reaching a peak in 90 minutes.

The faster the protein absorbs, the quicker the liver combines into oxygen with its amino acids. It sounds terrible, but that's why a lot of amino acids are better for increasing protein synthesis. A protein that acts longer - like casein - will prevent protein from breaking down, a type of anticatalyst effect, which promotes an anabolic growth effect.

Besides taking in high-quality protein content of either casein or whey, the other lactose causes some people to react negatively. The natural milk proteins provide other smaller proteins like peptides, lactoferrin - with crucial health benefits. There's a high content of amino acids that acts as an antecedent of glutathione - the main antioxidant and can detoxify the body's liver.

Casein has all the necessary acids a person's body can't produce- making it a must-have for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts.


Beta-alanine is another form of amino acid, although unnecessary in your diet. It means the whole body can create the beta-alanine you can obtain from other amino acids.

Beta-Alanine is combined with different types of amino acids, and produces carnosine. Research states - when the muscles in the body have a lot of carnosine, more strength and endurance are created.

Carnosine makes the muscle fibres' contraction stronger and works longer without feeling tired. According to research, some bodybuilders -who consumed beta-alanine - have their strength and power increased.

Another study states - people who took more beta-alanine combined with creatine made more muscle mass and cut down more body fat compared to athletes that only took creatine.

So, how does Beta-Alanine help bodybuilders?

Beta-alanine has a particular ability to control specific lactic acid and different acidic components that are produced during work-out. The acid will build up in the muscles that lead to tiredness and muscle breakdown.

Beta-alanine will cut down muscle acid by increasing certain levels of components, namely carnosine, that creates more modulating acids. Beta-alanine can be reproduced by the body naturally as a non-essential amino acid. However, a supplement will improve athletic performance and the work-out capacity, changing different chemicals to promote muscle regeneration.

Beta-alanine also supports muscular endurance. A lot of people can perform more reps in the gym when doing work-out training of 8-15repetitions. Taking beta-alanine supplements is also used to improve moderate to high exercise performance in cardiovascular exercises like sprinting and rowing.

Beta-alanine is also derived from a pre-workout advanced formula. The powders are created to boost the power, concentration, and the athlete's strength. With the aid of beta-alanine, you can work out full speed all through the work-out period. Consuming a dose of the beta-alanine supplement will also reduce work-out fatigue.

A past study of football players has researched on taking supplements with beta-alanine before and during training. People who took supplements had higher training volumes and lower fatigue compared to people who took a placebo.

Beta-alanine mainly helps bodybuilders increase the carnosine in muscles and builds the tolerance to take the intense workload.

gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle
gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle


Glutamine is one of the bodybuilders' top picks for years because it is the center of muscle functions, and it is one of the most commonly found amino acids in the human body.

Glutamine produces many different bodybuilding benefits, like increasing muscle growth by making the levels of leucine higher in the muscle fibers, while decreasing muscle breakdown and strengthening the immune system ,thus preventing the person from falling ill and missing any work-outs. If Glutamine is taken before work-outs will cut down muscle tiredness and boost up growth hormone levels. Moreover, recent studies state that glutamine also plays a role in cutting down fat by increasing the number of fats and calories burnt during rest and exercise.

One of the glutamine's primary goals of the body is to help detoxify by cleaning the body system from large amounts of ammonia. The main point is to act as a buffer to convert extra ammonia into other types of amino acids, like urea and sugar content.

Doing roughly one hour of work-out can cut down 40% of glutamine in the body system. It also jams up immune function. It harms the resistance training that leads to resistance training and causes overtraining syndrome to occur.

L-glutamine also gives advantages to individual athletes by making their immune system better. Giving the body L-glutamine will let the muscles push and fight further, which makes the body stronger and repairs the skeletal muscles.

Glutamine is another expendable amino acid. It is another common amino acid in the muscles, which is about 61% of the whole muscle tissues. When doing intense training, glutamine will be used up; that is why it is necessary to take protein after doing a work-out.

Okay, so how does glutamine help the athletes and the bodybuilders?

You do not want to miss out on this crucial amino acid and cutdown muscle. Glutamine is rather vital when you want to lose fat in the training stage as it will help you cut down body fat while protecting some lean muscle. It also increases your immunity and cuts down illnesses 

Glutamine also fastens recovery. It will clear up high ammonia levels from the whole body that are made when doing work-outs. It means the body will get better faster and promotes decontamination after a tough work-out.

Glutamine supplement is considered to be a whole package for the athletes and the bodybuilders due to its capability off or bidding muscle disruption by increasing immunity.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You must consume fatty fish at least several times a week to get sufficient amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Studies state - about 80% of people have the same issue. Since our whole brain is made out of 40% DHA, a part of the omega-3s, a long term deficit in omega-three might cause abnormalities in functions of the neurotransmitters, causing aggression and depression.

Omega-3s have a lot of health advantages. Recent research states certain middle-aged people with a high intake of omega-2 fats have a 75% less chance of developing Alzheimer's disease. Omega-3s also prevent certain cancers, like prostate cancer and breast cancer.

It improves specific insulin sensitivity and makes certain cellular membranes more receptive so hormones can adequately interact with the cellular receptors. Some researches state that if you take in a lot of omega-3- which is about 5grams each day - it blocks body fat synthesis and cuts down inflammation. This will help get rid of sore joints or muscles.

There's a particular inflammatory aspect of muscular hypertrophy, or a specific growth, which can be muted down by certain omega-3fats or drugs. The whole solution isn't to consume any omega-3s before doing a work-out.

The liquid omega-3 supplement is preferable as there are fewer things backing up after you eat it and also because you have to consume different capsules to reach a level of 5gm dose. Tablets or capsules will be sufficient if you can swallow them.

How can Omega-3 help bodybuilders to boost their work-out?

The most significant advantage of taking omega-3s for athletes has to do with getting recovery in exercise and cutting down soreness after performing work-outs. You'll feel sore after a muscle work-out as there is inflammation, and that's where omega-3 steps in as they have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Besides boosting work-out, bodybuilders need omega-3s to prevent injuries, reduce stiffness in joints, improve blood flow, enhance recovery, and that fish oil is an allrounder for health.

gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle
gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle


Leucine is a beneficial BCAA, as it is crucial for improving muscular health.

It's another essential amino acid, as there's a potential of its functions that'll promote muscle growth - giving it the ability to regulate the level of sensitivity of insulin and the phenolic effect on fat.

The definition of branched-chain amino acids will relate to valine, isoleucine, and leucine, and it's the essential amino acid for repairing and making new muscle tissue. Leucine is also the most important of all three, as studies stated - it could make better muscle protein synthesis by itself.

However, you should take all three together, since it works in synergy to provide a lot of different benefits, like muscle growth, and more energy during work-outs, and blocking cortisol formation. It also decreases muscle fatigue.

Leucine has many advantages on sports performance or helping to protect lean muscle tissue and giving the body more energy when facing the stress of doing a heavy work-out.

It creates muscle glycogen and ensures there's enough nitrogen balance in the body. Leucine also makes thinking abilities better. If someone suffers from insufficient leucine, the supplement can't use any proteins taken, no matter how much leucine you take in.

When eating the leucine during a work-out, or after a work-out:

●     It will promote better muscle synthesis

●     Cut down muscle soreness

●     Improve the body's endurance

This supplement helps bodybuilders or gym enthusiasts burn the fat while preserving the muscles. These also have anabolic characteristics that promote growth.

It helps them gain strength, energy, muscle, and energy. If you take leucine prior to or during a work-out session, it will effectively slow exhaustion and reduce muscle loss.

10. Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a molecule obtained in the body as it is involved in our different physical processes. NO can enlarge blood vessels, allowing more blood flow to the muscles to get more oxygen, nutrients, steroid hormones, and water. Bodybuilders tend to be the most interested in NO.

NO offers you more energy when working out, like a more robust muscle pump, with more muscle recovery and growth after a work-out. No boosters are given directly, but send it in the form of a specific type of amino acid called arginine.

The research found out that people who have been given arginine have improved muscle growth and strength and cut down body fat. Nitric oxide comes from each type of cell of the human body and is one of the most crucial molecules for the health of the blood vessels.

Supplements also have an increase of nitric oxide in the body and slowly become more popular in the world of sports nutrition. Taking supplements of nitric oxide increases the production of nitric oxide, and it also helps send nutrients of oxygen and nutrients to the body. You can exercise for a more extended period, no matter the type of work-out.

During physical activity, the cardiac and blood flow reallocation increases when sent to muscle fibers. When you work-out, the muscles lose oxygen. When there's no oxygen, the body starts producing lactic acid, which leads to muscle fatigue, until you can exercise no more.

NO also cuts down the lactic acid amount produced in a work-out and extends the period until you face exhaustion. By extending the period of the oxygen and nutrients sent to the muscles under a stress period, nitric oxide will make the muscles more receptive to exercise and increase the work-out performance.

It can also speed up the process of getting rid of ammonia and increase more glucose intake in cells. Nitric oxide supplements help the bodybuilders survive the work-out longer and harder. Also, it helps your blood circulate to the main organs better.

Gym Supps

There are multiple other supplements you can take, but these so far are the best for most gym athletes. Although you should always depend on quality food first, then adding in supplements which allow you to get nutrients that aren't available in proper quantity or in the foods that you're not consuming.

There are a few gym supplements to help you in your muscle regimen ,but you can start slowly by putting them into the daily regimen.

However, there are little studies about how these supplements interact with one another. So, observe, pick one or two, and see how your body reacts to them. If you are worried, ask your doctor, or health and diet expert on which one suits you the best.

With more effort at the gym, a proper diet, planned-out supplement diets, you will see the benefits that you are searching for.

gym supplements supps protein pre workout work out bodybuilding muscle

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